Want an affordable, new smile in a day? Find out why everyone's opting for composite artistry

    Posted on 20 August, 2019 by Hillsborough Dental

    Want an affordable, new smile in a day? Find out why everyone's opting for composite artistry

    A patient came to us annoyed by a gap in her teeth which she felt spoiled her smile...

    She was keen to have it corrected, but as she thought adult orthodontics would be the only solution she had resigned herself to the thoughts of wearing braces for around six months, not to mention orthodontic fees of over £2000.

    You can imagine her delight when in just one appointment she had the smile of her dreams. Oh, and did I mention - there was no need for anaesthetic as we didn’t need to drill into her teeth, and the cost was significantly less than orthodontics would have been?


    Then there was the gentleman who came to us in a panic after breaking off half his tooth... 

    He’d been eating a boiled sweet. He was not only embarrassed by how it looked but was also anxious to have the tooth restored to be fully functional again. He feared the whole procedure would require an expensive crown.

    He too was delighted, when within 30 minutes we had restored his tooth to its former glory, and again - with no injections or drilling and at less than half the cost of a crown.









    Another lady came to us because her ageing smile was getting her down... 

    She wanted her dull teeth, and in particular discoloured crowns, whitened, but we couldn't use tooth whitening treatment as this doesn’t work on crowns and so would have left her teeth all different shades.

    She was over the moon when after just one appointment she left us with a perfectly white smile, and again - treatment was quick, painless and cost-effective.

    Composite Artistry


    Want to know the secret?

    It sounds almost too good to be true, but actually these clients all had one thing in common - we were able to achieve their remarkable results using composite artistry.

    Composite artistry is a new, advanced technique that allows dentists to quickly fix problem smiles using a blend of art and science.

    Using a versatile tooth-coloured material that’s bonded to the teeth, the appearance of anything from cracked, chipped, worn, stained or discoloured teeth, to gaps, problematic tooth proportions and shapes, even entire smiles can be transformed.

    People love composite artistry because it’s -

    • Quick: results the same day
    • Pain-free: minimally invasive - no need for anaesthetic, injections, or drilling
    • Cost effective: compared with traditional treatment fees it’s much lower

    It gives aesthetic and functional results that rival those of more traditional porcelain crowns and veneers.

    How long it lasts depends on the individual - if cared for correctly it will last around 5-8 years.

    “Composite Artistry is an artistic and highly versatile treatment option”

    Would you love a new smile, in just one dental visit?

    Advanced training is required to be able to deliver this technique, but few dentists make this investment.

    That means Composite artistry is not available in every dental practice.

    As a practice committed to keeping up to date with the latest dental advances, however, I took time out to learn this art in San Francisco from the world’s leading expert, Dr Newton Fahl of Curitiba, Brazil.

    They say practice makes perfect and with years of delivering this treatment we have gained the experience, knowledge and artistic creativity to achieve some incredible results.

    Cosmetic artistry really is an art form. If you’re not convinced, here are some of the skills a dentist needs to master if they are to achieve a natural-looking result -

    • Shade selection and an understanding of colour mapping of teeth
    • Resin selection - knowing which composite to use and where
    • The art of layering - how to build in colour and translucent effects, and add lustre and reflectivity
    • Polishing techniques - how to build seamless transitions from tooth to synthetic materials and join them together invisibly
    • Application of tints and opaquers
    • Techniques for masking, blending and adding character to teeth
    • An understanding of tooth structure, form, function, colour and smile design principles
    • Confidence in artistic implementation and direct free-hand dentistry

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