Headaches & Bite Problems

    Headaches & Bite Problem Treatments NI

    Do you waken in the morning with headaches or sore jaws or teeth or maybe have these symptoms develop during a stressful day?  Do your jaw joints click or lock?
    These are often signs of a problem with your bite.  It can be tiring and wearing but we find most sufferers think nothing can be done.

    However we can usually do something to help you.
    Because of our extensive postgraduate training, we have a special interest in bite problems and how to resolve them.


    Nicki's Story


    Sometimes a mouth guard or bite splint worn at night can be extremely effective, but it needs to be the correct design to work well.

    Whilst the mouth guard is great, often your bite can be adjusted to make your teeth fit together properly again, giving you comfort and relief from the headaches without the need for the guard any longer.

    Sometimes patients do not have many headaches, but instead see back teeth breaking, front teeth chipping and wearing, gum recession and sometimes a tooth becoming loose.  These too are all classic signs of bite problems.

    Without advice and treatment, not only can your teeth break down severely, but your jaw joints can wear internally and become painful.

    There are very few dentists in Northern Ireland trained to the high standards of the renowned Dawson Academy who are able to do this.

    Take action – if you have any of these symptoms noted above, tell us and let us investigate before too much damage is done.

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