Testimonials Open QuoteTop class practice, very professional service and friendly staff. I will just say I have always been extremely anxious about dental treatments.
    I came to see Dr McKelvey for the first time to have buildups in my front teeth replaced which were long overdue. On The day of treatment I was quite nervous but Dr McKelvey explained everything in detail and put me completely at ease. I had no local Anesthetic during the treatment (which I was shocked by) and I was totally pain free. We even took a few minutes break to make sure I was comfortable as my procedure was quite long. I was absolutely delighted with my results and my smile now looks better than ever.
    Dr McKelvey was just brilliant. From his professional skill and the attention to detail which went into my treatment to his client care...was all top class. I would highly recommend, especially to anyone like me who is anxious about treatment. I have a follow up appointment very soon and I know I’m in the best hands.
    Thankyou Hillsborough Dental.
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    Jane B
    Testimonials Open QuoteExcellent, first class practice. Kevin and his team are extremely professional and friendly. I got the Cfast treatment and the service I received was second to none. I would 100% recommend Hillsborough dental to anyone, as going to the dentist is no longer a scary experience. And to top it all off the cost of treatments are affordable. If you go to Kevin and his team you will not be disappointed.....!Testimonials Close Quote
    Kealin M
    Testimonials Open QuoteI was a patient of Dr McKelvey's for four years before moving away.... In the eight years since i have not managed to find a single dentist who comes close. Kevin will always find the solution that is as painfree as possible and the easiest for you as the patient, his appointments always run on time and there is very little waiting and the cost of his price plans as a private practice are more reasonable than you would think - I paid £14 more for root canal at Hillsborough Dental than my friend did at an NHS practice the same week and Kevin did mine in half the time, in fact, other dentists since have commented on the good dental work i've had done - if that's not a glowing recommendation then i don't know what is…..Testimonials Close Quote
    Jen W
    Testimonials Open QuoteVery friendly team who make you feel right at home. Dr Kev has transformed my life by curing my weekly migraines. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.Testimonials Close Quote
    Nicky B
    Testimonials Open QuoteFirst class care every time.                                                                                                                                              Testimonials Close Quote
    Steve G
    Testimonials Open QuoteFantastic service and got exactly what I wanted. Kevin gave me plenty of different options and advice and I am so happy with my end result. Would recommend to anyone who is unhappy with their teeth.Testimonials Close Quote
    Rachel H
    Testimonials Open QuoteI am delighted with the very successful pain free treatment I received at Hillsborough Dental Practice. Dr Kevin McKelvey and his staff provide excellent professional care and their friendly approach creates a very relaxing environment. I would highly recommend this dental practice, especially to people who would like to improve the appearance of their smile or people who are apprehensive about visiting the dentist.Testimonials Close Quote
    Janet A
    Testimonials Open QuoteDr Kevin and his team provide a very professional service at Hillsborourgh Dental Practice ... I would highly recommend Dr Kevin as a very knowledgeable and up to date Dental Surgeon.Testimonials Close Quote
    Irene M
    Testimonials Open QuoteHaving a brighter, whiter smile has given me that added confidence I needed when meeting and dealing with the public.  Such a simple painless procedure carried out so quickly by professional, friendly and competent staff - well worth it!Testimonials Close Quote
    Alyson W
    Testimonials Open QuoteHi,
    I just wanted to thank everyone at Hillsborough Dental Practice for the professional and friendly care I have received since becoming a client of the practice a few years ago.
    I had been bothered by an out of shape milk tooth which refused to let its big brother appear since my teenage years.
    I asked Dr McKelvey if there were any treatments available which didn't involve full veneers. He suggested that we built the tooth up using a technique which he believed would provide excellent results.
    I wasn't disappointed and was amazed at the difference a quick, inexpensive treatment could make. I can now smile when someone says cheese without worrying.
    I must also say that not being a fan of a visit to the dentist since early childhood, everyone at the practice has acted in such a professional, friendly and helpful manner, that I now visit the dentist without any trepidation whatsoever.
    Best Regards,
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    Brad Q
    Testimonials Open QuoteDear Kevin,
    Thank you for advising me to have dental implants in order to secure my bottom denture.
    The procedure was completely painfree. The 'Gentle Touch' practice lived up to it's name. Robert Craig and his dental nurse Anne, made me feel totally at ease throughout.
    I now have beautiful new dentures made by yourself. The bottom denture is held solidly in place by the implants and feels really secure. As a result, I no longer have to consider what foods I can or cannot eat, and no movement of my bottom denture increases my confidence considerably.
    I just wish I had had this procedure carried out years ago - but better late than never!
    Many, many thanks,
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    Mary F
    Testimonials Open QuoteI had not been happy with my teeth for a long time. They were no longer white and I had several missing. I got a plate but I just hated putting it in and taking it out.
    I think Kevin was tired cementing in my crowns, so he suggested to me that I should consider getting implants. The thought of having "natural looking teeth" which I did not have to remove, really appealed to me, so I decided to go ahead with the implants. I am so glad I did, I am really pleased with them, they look so natural and I cannot stop smiling now! They certainly have given me a lot more confidence.
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    Norah M
    Testimonials Open QuoteI was always happy with my teeth, but not their colour. It was amazing that a simple process over 3 weeks could make such a difference. The instructions were easy to follow and the advice and options on the procedure and the follow up visit by Dr McKelvey showed commitment to a very professional service. Now I have a very natural bright smile! Testimonials Close Quote
    Sandra P
    Testimonials Open Quote

    Hi Kevin,
    Just a short e mail to thank you for fitting my crowns. I know you have taken photos of these and I think they are fabulous. A year on is a good test and I am quite willing for you to show these to any potential new customer.
    Kevin fitted some crowns and four front teeth, these had been knocked out at 16 and again playing waterpolo in my early 30's I had four stumps remaining but had them fixed. Unfortunately nothing lasts forever and they started to leak and became quite weak, they did not look good. I talked it through with Kevin and he suggested a course of treatment which we took over a few months.
    I am really impressed by the end result, not just because they look great and natural but they also give me additional confidence. Also on the plus side my mouth feels better and the teeth feel much stronger. I suppose the biggest credit though is the fact I never notice them in the mouth they just feel right.
    I would recommend this treatment to anyone, pound for pound it is good value and consider this; you may be able to get them slightly cheaper but do you know the dentist and do you want to be jumping on a plane every time you get tooth ache add up those costs as well, with Kevin and his team the aftercare is excellent.
    Once again thank very much.

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    Steve H
    Testimonials Open Quote

    Thankyou to Dr Kevin McKelvey and his team for the time and effort they have put in which has resulted in my lovely teeth!
    I used to be slightly self conscious about my crooked teeth, but after a consultation and a few visits to Kevin's dental practise, I now have natural looking perfect veneers.
    I would recommend the procedure to anyone.

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    Tanya M

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