Composite Artistry


    Composite Artistry, sometimes referred to as “bonding” or “composite veneers” , is the art of building layers of tooth coloured filling materials onto your tooth and crafting them together to create a beautiful tooth which mimics nature in its form and optical properties.  Not just a “white filling”, this should fool you and most dentists!


    Who is this suitable for?  
    If your front teeth are discoloured, are slightly crooked, a bit worn or have unsightly old fillings, Composite Artistry by Dr Kevin can be a solution for you to achieve a pretty smile again without more extensive tooth preparations involved in porcelain crowns or veneers, and at a reduced cost.

    The material doesn’t last as long as porcelain but is more easily serviced and repaired.

    Another benefit to you is that because we don’t need to drill your tooth there are no injections most of the time, and you also avoid a numb face for the rest of the day!

    Dr Kevin learnt this art in San Francisco from the world’s leading expert, Dr Fahl from Brazil.

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