22 Lisburn Street, Hillsborough, Co.Down, Northern Ireland, BT26 6AB 028 92 688388

Terms & Conditions of Business


    We will be polite and respectful to you
    We will listen to you to find out what you want from us
    We will give you a written estimate of planned treatment
    We will do our best to keep to time and not keep you waiting
    We will use and keep you informed of the latest techniques available in dentistry today
    We will do our very best treatment for you and guarantee our work for one year except when provided against the dentist’s advice
    We will apologise and try to make restitution if we fail to perform as we promised you – you can be our judge


    Please be polite and respectful to us
    Please attend appointments on time and give us one working days notice if this is not possible, otherwise we will charge a fee
    Please arrange babysitters as we cannot treat you with unsupervised children in the surgery
    Please pay your fees on time as we do not tolerate debtors and charge interest of 2% per month on overdue accounts
    Please look after the work we provide with the techniques we will teach you
    Please tell us promptly if anything about our service displeases you so we can attempt to put it right
    Please make the effort to refer to us other friends and relatives who you think would like what we can offer, thus ensuring the practice will continue to grow and be here for you

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