How dentists take the sting out of anti-wrinkle - three reasons why you couldn’t be in better hands!

    Posted on 31 May, 2019 by Hillsborough Dental

    How dentists take the sting out of anti-wrinkle - three reasons why you couldn’t be in better hands!

    If you’re one of the increasing number of people in Northern Ireland considering anti-wrinkle treatment (such as Azzalure, Botox or dermal fillers), I wonder where you might consider going for it?

    A dermatologist? A beautician? A medical clinic or spa?

    There are many options available, but have you ever considered that your dentist might actually be the one best equipped?

    At first it seems odd that a dentist would offer facial rejuvenation treatments, but when you stop and think about it - the dental profession is uniquely suited for providing this service.

    Here’s three reasons why...

    1 Dentists are the true face specialists

    Dental training involves extensive medical understanding of head and neck anatomy. In particular, dentists undergo advanced training in the oral and Maxillofacial areas - that’s basically everything from the chin to the forehead.

    Because of this training, many believe dentists are the best-placed medical professionals to deliver facial rejuvenation treatments.

    The American Academy of Facial Aesthetics said, “In truth, dentists are the primary health care practitioners who should be delivering these (Botox and dermal filler therapy) procedures to patients.

    “Dentists are the true specialists in the area of the face, much more so than other healthcare personnel.”

    2. Cosmetic dentists are skilled in assessing the overall balance and aesthetics of the face

    An understanding of facial and dental proportions is vital to producing beautiful smiles.

    Cosmetic dentists are skilled in assessing things like the ratios of lips to teeth and the proportions of partial and full smiles and how they impact the face.

    This understanding of facial aesthetics makes them expert in the understanding and application of facial rejuvenation treatments.

    3 No more ouch! Dentists are the injection experts

    Facial rejuvenation treatments are administered by injection which as we all know, can cause discomfort at times.

    Some injectors outside of the dental profession though, may never have had any form of medical training and only limited training in administering facial aesthetic drugs.

    The American Academy of Facial Aesthetics said some nurses reported, “training was completely on the job with absolutely no additional training in facial anatomy, physiology, pharmacology of the products, and adverse affects.” These nurses simply learned where to place the materials by watching and learning.

    Dentists, on the other hand, administer injections every day for a living and so have the technique down to a pain-free fine art.

    They know how to make injections quick, comfortable and relatively painless.

    So, while the thoughts of a pamper party, or spa may seem lovely for these treatments, really you’re in the best hands with a cosmetic dentist.

    And of course, it goes without saying, you’re putting yourself at risk of complications if receiving treatment with someone who doesn’t have adequate knowledge of how to administer treatment or is non-licenced.

    Finding a dentist who administers facial rejuvenation treatments

    While facial aesthetics go hand in hand with dentistry, unfortunately only around 16% of dentists have trained to deliver this kind of service.

    However, Dr Kevin is one of them.

    At Hillsborough Dental we love helping people to look good and feel confident, and to that end Dr Kevin is qualified to offer a number of facial rejuvenation treatments which compliment his work in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

    Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers offer a relatively simple route to a more youthful and fresher appearance without taking the risks of surgery.

    So why not put your anti-aging regime into the hands of a trusted medical professional in medical-standard facilities with full insurance back up?

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