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Complete Dentistry

    Did you ever have a side break off a back tooth? Your dentist probably did a great job of fixing it up with either a filling repair or a crown. But did he or she ever stop and try to discover what the problem was that made your back tooth break in the first place? Then a while later you have another tooth break!

    If you are a bit older and you unexpectedly broke your hip or leg bone, you would expect your doctor to examine other bits of you and do blood tests and xrays or maybe scans to find out if you have for example osteoporosis, and treat the cause so it doesn't happen again.

    Unfortunately most dentists could be better described as 'tooth doctors' who only look at teeth in isolation and fix the signs and symptoms without addressing the disease.

    This is where we differ...
    At Hillsborough Dental we provide professional services based on the concept of Complete Dentistry as taught by Dr Peter Dawson, founding father of the world respected Dawson Academy (see Resources page).

    A primary principle is to discover together your unique problems, present and explain them to you, and finally, with your agreement, do what is necessary to achieve long-term maintainable health and comfort as well as the creation and maintenance of a beautiful, natural smile. I use the WIDIOM rule which means" would I do it on my… daughter/son/etc ?"  Over-treatment is never acceptable.

     You will not experience a more thorough examination than by Dr Kevin at Hillsborough Dental.  This allows us to create a treatment plan designed to help you understand every problem so priorities of treatment can be put into proper perspective.

    As in the story above, hurried, incomplete examinations or ineffective treatment planning too often results in dissatisfaction. With proper treatment planning, patients can know in advance everything needed to make good choices about their dental treatment.

    Dawson dentists are trained in an analysis of not only your teeth, gums and supporting structures, but also bite problems and related disorders of the TMJ's (jaw joints ). The goal is always a completely comfortable bite and muscles system (too many people have headaches originating from poor bites and sore jaw muscles). We pride ourselves on being physicians of the total masticatory (chewing) system so, as such, are often considered the" go to" dentist who can solve problems of comfort or function that are above the level of usual and customary services.

    The most beautiful smiles are in harmony with the anatomy and contour of the individual face. Dawson dentistry provides the most natural beauty available for dental restorations.

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