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Restorative Dentistry

 Restorative is just a fancy term for all the more routine things we do to fix teeth.

Dr Kevin McKelvey won the prestigious Ralph Smith Medal in Restorative dentistry in his final year at Queen’s University Belfast School of Dentistry in 1991.
This means you are putting your mouth in the care of someone who produced quality work right from the start.

We can provide you with all of the following:
Fillings selected from a variety of materials – Dr Kevin’s preference is white composite fillings because of their beauty and ability to preserve more of your tooth than more traditional methods.  We also have fluoride releasing fillings for people with a high rate of tooth decay.

Root canal treatment (endodontics) which is used to save a tooth which has decayed through to the nerve, rather than have to extract it as would traditionally have been the case.
Crowns and bridges, used to rebuild and strengthen more heavily filled teeth and fill gaps where a tooth is missing. (see also the dental implants option)

Dentures – these can be the full set of plastic teeth, or to replace some teeth whilst you still have some of your own.  Nowadays we also have the options of metal-framed dentures which are less bulky and often more securely fitting than plastic, but also look very natural.  More recently a flexible denture called Valplast has been developed which is again beautiful aesthetically and also much more resistant to breaking than traditional plastic.

As well as restorative, you may on occasion require surgical dentistry – tooth extraction – which we also provide.  We are particularly good at reassuring our teenage patients who require teeth taken out to make space for straightening the remainders with braces.