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Children’s Dentistry - Private Options

VIP Childrens Dental Treatment at Hillsborough DentalSo why on earth would you pay for your child’s dentistry when the NHS gives you for free?
Well there are a couple of things the NHS doesn’t cover – it’s main remit is “to secure and maintain oral health” – no mention of cosmetics.

Here are a few preventive and interventive treatments Dr Kevin would recommend you consider:

  • A custom-made sports mouth guard from around the age of 8 years when you have your adult front teeth.  Read our very good article on the types and benefits of sports mouth guards.
  • Fissure sealants on molar or premolar teeth if your child is getting stained teeth indicating higher risk of decay, when they are outside the NHS time limits.
  • White fillings for adult back teeth rather than metal because the preparations needed are smaller and they look way better.
  • Veneers or crowns made by top UK labs following an accidental breakage of a front tooth - NHS options just look horrible and artificial.
  • Composite artistry for reshaping teeth that are too small or crooked or closing gaps when orthodontics cannot offer a solution.