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Anti Wrinkle (Azzalure Botox)

facial-aesthethicsDazzle with Azzalure

What is Azzalure?
Azzalure is an anti-wrinkle injection using a similar active ingredient to the other well-known brand “Botox”.  We use it mainly to improve the look of worry lines on the forehead, glabella frown lines above nose and crow’s feet beside the eyes, in people aged 18 to 65 years.  It works by temporarily blocking a chemical in the body that tells muscles to contract.  By stopping the face from frowning, the wrinkles caused by these expressions are effectively ironed out, smoothing and rejuvenating the appearance.

How long does the treatment take and is it painful?
The treatment takes just a few minutes and is remarkably painless – most clients say they’ve felt no pain at all.

How long does Azzalure last?
The treatment takes 7 to 14 days to take effect and lasts up to 6 months.