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Denture Stabilisation


Do you wear removable dentures, whether a full row or just some teeth (a Partial denture)?

Do your dentures move about uncomfortably as you speak or chew?  If so, read on…

One of the most life changing benefits of dental implants is their use in stabilising your removable dentures or sometimes even replacing them altogether.

Full dentures that move can have tiny clips fitted inside them which then clip onto a small post called a locator which sits on top of the implant – usually 2-3 in the bottom jaw or 3-5 in the upper jaw.  These keep the denture stable in the one position with maybe only a very small degree of movement on your gums.

Most patients find the lower full denture most difficult to wear because it moves so much more being beside the tongue.  Typically in this scenario two implants with locators and a new lower denture will cost around £5,000-£7,000 spread over the 6 months the treatment takes to provide.

Have a look at some of the testimonials from patients who have had such treatments from us.