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Your First Consultation

What do I need to bringhillsborough-dental-northern-ireland-consultation?
Try and plan to arrive 5 minutes early so that on arrival our receptionist can take note of your details.
Please bring details of any medications you take.  
If you are bringing your child to register as an NHS patient you will need to bring their medical card (ask at your doctor’s surgery if you cannot find it).

In the Surgery
We do not normally do any treatment at your consultation visit unless you have previously advised us of the need for urgent treatment, in which case we would book a longer appointment.

The consultation will last 30-45 minutes.  It involves a comprehensive examination of your teeth, your gums, your jaw joints and muscles, your bite, your smile in general and a cancer check. We may then take some radiographs (x-rays).
After discussion of your desires and options for treatment, we will formulate a treatment plan tailored for you.

In more complex cases we may need to take impressions of your teeth or plan further investigations or tests, possibly necessitating additional fees, before arriving at a definitive treatment plan.

Occasionally if we have time and only if you are in agreement, we will do some work at this visit. If this is the case, we should give you a verbal estimate of the day’s costs – please never be afraid to ask.

In Reception again
We will be able to print a treatment plan with an estimate of costs for you to take home. If you are happy with this we will schedule some appointments to see you again. You will be asked to pay for your Consultation visit and any other work carried out that day.

You will be given information about options for registering with our practice.