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Composite Artistry - Before & After Pictures

composite-artistry-before-after-pictureThis lady wanted her ageing smile renewed and wanted teeth which were brighter than we could achieve with tooth whitening.  This is where Dr Kevin got creative and produced some beautiful Composite Artistry to cover all of the lady's front teeth, including totally replacing her old crown upper left. The whole treatment after a visit for planning took one main appointment and was done painlessly without the need for any injections, so this is how she went home - after the re-application of some lippy of course!

Cfast Braces - Before & After Pictures

Cfast Braces Before and After Pictures
This lady got the smile she always wanted with discreet cosmetic braces called Cfast in just six months.

Dental Implants - Before & After Pictures

Obviously this lady's teeth were in a bad way and her remaining front teeth were constantly breaking because she had no back teeth to share the bite force. We took out her badly damaged remaining back teeth and replaced them with four dental implants supporting two bridges in her upper jaw, followed by beautiful crowns to her six front teeth. The results speak for themselves - she can now eat better and no longer feels self-conscious about her smile.


Broken Tooth - Before & After Pictures

cfast-braces-before-after-pictureThis gentleman broke half his tooth eating a boiled sweet and was worried that it would require an expensive crown.
We were able to reassure him after a brief examination.  Within 20 minutes we had comfortably removed the old metal filling from his tooth and, using tricks learnt in the United States, restored his tooth to something close to its’ former glory using composites.  Those of you around my age will recognise the phrase “We have the technology to rebuild him.”  Answers on a postcard!

Closing Gaps - Before & After Pictures

closing-gaps-before-after-pictureThis lovely lady thought that orthodontic braces was the only way she could ever close this gap in her smile.  We took an hour and a half to produce this result for her with Dr Kevin's Composite Artistry.  No anaesthetic was needed as we didn't need to drill her teeth.  Her comment the next day - "Fabulous difference, really pleased!"

Inman Aligner - Before & After Pictures

inman-aligner-before-after-pictureA quick result in just 4 months using a removable orthodontic brace called an Inman aligner.

Tooth Whitening - Before & After Pictures

tooth-whitening-before-after-pictureThis is the result of Zoom home whitening which does not cause permanent sensitivity or tooth damage.

Veneers - Before & After Pictures

veneers-before-after-pictureSix upper and two lower porcelain veneers transformed this smile in two visits.

Replacing Metal with White Fillings - Before & After Pictures

replacing-metal-with-white-fillings-before-after-pictureReplacing old metal amalgam fillings with beautiful tooth coloured composite.
This patient was found to have some decay in his back tooth and the old metal filling in the tooth in front wasn’t looking so good. We decided to fix both together with modern, natural looking composite.  A short visit later and he could smile widely and nobody would know he had two fillings

Worn Spaced Teeth - Before & After Pictures

worn-spaced-teeth-before-after-pictureThis man came to my practice 10 years ago complaining that his teeth had been getting more and more worn, especially on one side.  He also wanted to close the gaps between his front teeth.
Our agreed solution involved a trial period of composite veneers to assess how he liked the new shape and look we were proposing, followed by replacement with four porcelain veneers to make his teeth longer and wider whilst keeping natural proportions.  These veneers are still looking great 10 years on.

Worn Teeth - Before & After Pictures

worn-teeth-before-after-pictureLarge amounts of tooth wear can take place over several decades before becoming a cosmetic dental issue to some people.  This is just such a man in his late 50’s.  His main complaint was that he could no longer see his teeth when he smiled.
Using the Complete Dentistry approach we carefully planned, agreed and delivered complex advanced treatment including dental implants, crowns, porcelain veneers and white fillings. This gave him back a smile to enjoy, which is also functional and comfortable.  Talk about “10 Years Younger”.