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Patient Survey Results

Our latest patient survey was carried out in February 2016 and we thought you might be interested in the results. It was completed anonymously and posted in an election style box to help ensure complete honesty of answers.
Below are the first five questions and their results.

The results were very encouraging…
Answers were based on using a scale of 1-10 with 1=very unhappy, 10=over the moon

Overall, how happy are you with the service we are providing?

Ave 9.11


How happy are you with each clinicians' timekeeping?


Ave 8.69


Ave 8.70


How happy are you with our explanations of treatment options?

Ave 9.18


How happy are you with our service in terms of value for money?

Ave 8.20

The other questions were asking about desired future service provisions and have led to, among other things, the implementation of SMS text appointment reminders.